Livermore  High  School  Alumni  Association


In 2008, at the urging of Principal Avila, Rich Fletcher enlisted a group from the Class '67 to look at establishing a non-profit alumni association for LHS.  This group (post a wonderful 40th Reunion), started meeting to research developing a  non-profit Alumni Association for Livermore High School.

We recognized that budgetary impacts have severely hit the Livermore School District.  Many of the "basic" and "fun" things we associated with LHS were being scaled back or eliminated because of funding.  After two years of meetings and filing legal forms, the Livermore High School Alumni Association (LHSAA) was launched.

2019 Board Members:

Edie Anderson '82
Susan Dopking Canfield '63
Bruce Frame '67

Duane Hole '87
Kristen Waters Meyer '87
Doug McPherson '64

Jim Perry '63
Gretchen Rutherford '68
ex offcio: Tom Fletcher, LHS VP

Circa 1930's

Photo credit: E. J. Lawless, a local druggist and amateur photographer

Founding Members:

Rich Fletcher  '67
Ray Alsdorf  '67
Deborah (Smith) Barbone  '67
Max Eckert  '67
Bruce Frame  '67
Carla (Viale) Lewis  '67
Cheryl (Givens) Perry  '67

Livermore High School Alumni Association is a not-for-profit  -  501(c)3

About Us

Belief, Vision, & Mission
Livermore High School (LHS) represents an important time in the alumnus' lives, and the interests and resources of LHS.  Alumni shall always be a valuable resource to LHS.

The LHS Alumni Association connects alumni to LHS and to each other, providing lifelong support and resources for LHS, and valued services to alumni.


The mission of the LHS Alumni Association is to provide ongoing support for current LHS students, faculty and administration in their mission of “preparing every student for future education and productive citizenship” and to create opportunities for alumni to interact with each other.