Brick Option  #1

8x8 Brick with LHS logo

8x8 Brick insert w/o logo

Because of increased interest we've extended the time you can purchase

BRICKS for this initial order.

Please place you order no later than October 31, 2017

NOTE: The date on the order form still shows July 15th, please use it until we get a new version online.

The LHSAA are selling BRICKS in honor of LHS's 125th Anniversary.
The initial placement of BRICKS are to be located in the walkway at the front entrance of LHS on Maple Street.

Download / Print the form, Complete it, then mail it with your check to:


P.O.Box 1216

Livermore, Calif. 94551

To order your custom designed BRICK download the order form here:

Brick Option  #2

4x8 Brick with LHS logo

4x8 Brick insert w/o logo

            Livermore  High  School  Alumni  Association

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