Livermore  High  School  Alumni  Association

Your donations make a huge DIFFERENCE!

LHS 1951

Over the years the LHSAA has truly "Given Back" to Livermore High School

Your generous contributions & attendance at our events enabled the LHSAA to donate:

* 14 document scanners to the Social Science & Foreign Language Dept.
* $500 to the Art Dept. for "The Wave" wall mural
* $4,200 towards the purchase of Boys Soccer Uniforms
* $1,800 to send 28 student leaders to a "Linked In" Leadership
    Conference to develop the mentoring program for each incoming 
    Freshman student
* Contributed $500 in restricted funds to the Ag. Dept.
* Purchased new jackets for the LHS Marching Band at $4,000.00
* Purchased ($3,800)  the remaining 2 pieces of equipment for the LHS Track & 
    Field Timing System to allow LHS to hold fund-raising meets on-site
* Contributed $5,000 to the Math Achievement Academy to identify & assist 
    incoming students at risk for math
* Contributed $1,900 to a new scoring table in the Gym for Basketball, Volleyball & Wrestling
* Worked with the Journalism Class & Mr. Berry to develop a "Historical Tour" of LHS, $300.00 plus printing costs of $2,000
* Contributed $3,900.00 to the teachers training program to implement the "Readers 
* $6,000 to LHS Marching Band for new marching shoes
* $500.00 Livermore Video Productions for LHS Film Festival for Graphic Arts Classes
* $135.00 Art Dept. for extended straight edges
*Practice Mats for Cheerleaders (used) $1,500.00
* Approved $1,000 in Link Crew Conference Funding 2014 (see above for 2013 details)
*Special Day Class for 2 Chrome Books $500.00

The LHS Alumni Association raises monies from dues, gifts, donations and fund-raising events. Projects/needs are submitted by Administration/Teachers/Students of LHS.  These requests are reviewed by the Alumni Board to evaluate the benefits to LHS Teachers and/or Students and are granted under the considerations of the least likely to be able to raise the money needed, the most good for the most students and new innovations. Your donations make this possible!

1. How can I donate?
       At this point in time by check via regular U.S. Mail, or go online to

2. Are my donations tax-deductible?
      Yes, LHSAA is a registered non-profit organization 501(c)3

3. Does LHSAA have a Federal I.D. number?
       Yes, it is     26-3771133

4. Can I do matching funds at my place of employment?
        At this time the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (United Crusade Drive) will allow you to list us (LHSAA) as a beneficiary

5. 6. Can I direct where my funds will be spent?
        Yes, you may designate a department, sport, etc. to receive your donation.

Boys Gym, 1951 Yearbook  Scanned by Phillip Eckert

Livermore High School Alumni Association is a not-for-profit -  501(c)3